Dream [6/9] by VinuPriyan

4 Dec



Chennai Egmore:

I lighted a cigarette and was staring at the station seriously in a confused state.

Thinking about that dream.  After some time I heard a voice calling “Vinu…Vinu…”.

It was my friend Praveen waving his hands towards me and shouting my name.

He came near me and started scolding “How many times I have to call u idiot? Are you in this world or not?”

I came to the reality. Am Vinu Vignesh. Am an ECE student.  Am a cool guy but I hate programming.  The words like “Coding”, “Scripts” are bitter most words in my life. Hence to escape from it I did a Software testing course and joined a private firm “L-Cube” as a software tester at Chennai before 2 years. A week before our 2 years bond to the company was over and by God’s grace before that

am placed in a MNC. Hence I quitted my former company and going to my native to enjoy

for some days for a change before I join in new company. Praveen and Malai are my best friends in my company and my roommates too. We three are going together to our homes.

Everything was going fine till yesterday. But the dream which I got yesterday night was the reason for my behavior. On seeing the confusion on my face Praveen asked me “Vinu are you still thinking about the same dream?” Another guy Malai added “Hey dudes we can direct Final destination 6 with your story da”. I was speechless. But I added to my part “Hey no dudes It was so real….”.Praveen got tensed and said “Hey what are you blabbering da! 6 o clk… Red dressed baby… Train accident… Enough da it’s just a dream”.  I too felt am going mad on thinking about that and told “Hmmm whatever I say u both will tease me with a Hollywood movie name …Leave that. Let’s start” and put an end to the conversation.

We all were sitting in the couches inside the station. I started seeing my watch and the railway track continuously. Suddenly my mobile vibrated. I got a sms. After seeing that message I felt relaxed as if I had a pain killer injection. Because it was from ‘Akalya’.

Yeah her full name is ‘Akalya Rajendran’. To say about her, she is a cute, egoistic and possessive girl. She is working as a software developer in my company. Whenever our team put any error during testing she will just send a mail that everything is working fine in bold font. She does not likes me as am in testing team and obviously because of her “WORKING FINE” mails I don’t like her.

(First impression is best impressiongra  formula work agalana enna boss opposite poles attracts each Other nu oru formula irukula..!! That’s WORKING FINE between us!). Hence we became good friends. My day started and ended with her sweet cute messages. We both started to call each other and that calls ended during midnights. I don’t know whether am loving her.

Praveen shook me and asked me to turn towards him. I turned slowly but after seeing there I felt as though electric shock passed over me. Because a cute girl baby in red dress was playing there. The baby I saw in my dream. Suddenly I saw my watch. It was 6 0 clock. I heard the train horn coming towards the station. I could not explain my feeling. I felt as if as if my heart stopped. I was drenched in sweat. The train neared. On seeing my reactions my friends started laughing. But nothing happened. We three boarded the train. The baby went with her mom.

Praveen: Hey dude nothing is happened. I think the driver is changed. Let’s check the train driver in your dream dude.

Malai: Hey Vinu I recorded all your reactions in mobile. Gonna update in FB. See what is going to happen.

Me: Am a loser uh!!! My God. Its ok dudes. Am happy that nothing happened to that baby.

Usually my dreams will come true. Hence I believed in my dreams. For me dreams are something which indicates something to us. But this time it didn’t happen. We searched our seats and sat. Train started from Egmore. Even though nothing happened I could not become normal as my incense said it will happen for sure. I was in a dilemma.

Our train crossed villupuram. Praveen was speaking with her girlfriend ‘Samju’. Me and Malai felt bored. So I asked him to put a movie in laptop as I want to change my mind. He switched on and put animated batman series. I like super hero ‘Batman’. He is the one who have no super powers. We both are watching “Batman Begins”. I got involved to the movie. And I forgot my terrific dream for some time.           Praveen ended the call and came near me with a smiling face. He said “Vinu be ready to give treat for us da. Malai tell me a good hotel da”. Malai asked “Hey what happened da? Tell the matter da. Depending on that we will select the hotels…” I could not understand what is going on there.

I asked “Hey Praveen first tell me what happened da!”. He said “Ok Ok wait dudes. I will say everything with a proof”. I was waiting curiously what will be the matter. That suspense was broken by the MMS tone in Praveen’s mobile. He opened that MMS. He started the audio file. It was akalya crying to her roommate samju.

Akalya sobbed “Vinu is going to his native samju. Everything came to an end. I seriously love him and I wanna say this to him. But I couldn’t say this to him. If he has rejected my proposal I will convince in some days. But it’s like a hell without saying this to him. I lost him.” She started crying bitterly. Now its samju voice saying “Don’t worry dear I will speak to vinu regarding this. Y u are crying like a baby for this?” Now akalya said “No samju after this if he avoids me I can’t live in this world…” Samju started shouting “What you are coming to say now…..”. The MMS was ended.  I could not believe my ears and I was speechless. I got a mild shake in my heart. A silent tear rolled down my cheeks. I don’t know how to react for this. Suddenly I searched my mobile and went near the door. The air was blowing vigorously. My fingers dialed her number.

Her phone was ringing. At third ring she attended the call. Akalya in her sweet voice spoke “Hey vinu dear why you didn’t message me? Where are you now?”

After hearing her voice I felt to hug her and say I love you too my dear. But I controlled myself and said “No da we all were watching movie in laptop. That’s why I didn’t message you.” I felt a dullness in her voice but to make her laugh I asked” Why your voice is dull dear? They served upma (Indian Food) in your hostel uh???”

She replied “No da now am in egmore station. Going to my home.” I felt somewhat relaxed that she is going to her home and asked the train details. She said “9 o clock train da.  Coach D13.”

While I was speaking with akalya my friend gestured me to switch off the lap. I felt to see the climax. So I said to her “Dear be in line for 2 minutes. I will be back”. She got angry it seems. She said Ok I will wait in a stern voice. I smiled and butterflies started flying in my heart.

I went to my friend and asked what happened to the story. He told that Batman will be locked in a dream world by the joker. But batman does not know he is in dream. But after seeing the books in that library batman comes to know he is in dream world”. I stopped Malai and asked “Hey dude how he found in library da?”.  He replied “In library books everything was upside down in dream da.  So he found that”.

While he was saying this to me something strikes in my mind. My face turned pale L.  Suddenly I took my mobile and shouted akalya……………… akalya…………  She did not respond. I could hear a girl baby voice and akalya voice. She is in train. Then she spoke “Sorry da vinu… I was playing with a cute little girl. That’s why I didn’t see my mobile. She is so sweet and cute in red dress da.”  I turned my watch slowly.

Its sharply showing 9. Then I realized that the time that came in my dream was not 6. Its 9. I shouted in phone “Akalya….. Please go away from there……!!!!” Then I heared a terrific sound like a thunder.  I could not hear anything… Finally I heard the crying sound of my akalya…………………… The call was disconnected. L L L

And my deep sleep was also broke by a vibration of my mobile. I opened my eyes and saw my mobile. It showed “1 text message “. It was from akalya “Good Morning da Pappu. Wake up its time to get ready to


One Response to “Dream [6/9] by VinuPriyan”

  1. Kannan Alagarsamy December 13, 2012 at 6:36 am #

    Nice narration..!!! Anna malai character is not needed i thing 😛

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